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REHAB OF LOVEI went to the rehab of love so I could recover from all that pain I had been going through.

It all felt like it was an addiction that I was stuck to.

When I enter the rehab  of love the first question the lady asked me was “what bought me here?”

I told her I didn’t know how to get away from love. She told me, “I think I can help you with that.

Love was the only struggle I couldn’t get away from. I told her about the addiction and she said “oh” many people have this.

I could not help but drop a tear after she was telling me all these sad stories about love that I had been through already.

I was sent to a room to write a poem about how I felt so I begin to write it:

I never thought love was nothing until I met this boy and he started saying he feltlove didn’t know what it meant

so I kept it to myself for a while then he started telling me how love can give you a good connection

since I was liking him so much I just told him because I didn’t know what else to do with it.

He told me how it was “okay” to love family and friends but I should love him a lot more not thinking of what I should do I just jump rite into it.

He once told me that since I loved him so much I should have sex with him I said I’m not sure if that’s the type of love I have for you. Started telling sweet things and I went along with it.

Wasnt thinking before I did it that when me and him was left alone for a min he started putting so much on me that he started touching on me had me feeling like a queen. I went alone with it like it was the best time ever. Kept telling me how much he loved me and would never leave me for nobody else. I had the biggest smile on my face.

After he had got all that he was saying “dang” you didn’t even know what you were doing and I loved you

I must of being crazy for talking to you and everything.

After all that had taken place he left me alone wonder what to do what love.

I would go in the room and just cry my eyes saying what was I doing ever letting him get to me what the word love.

After I was done with this poem I took it back to the lady and she read it she said this is very good I said thank you.

She begins telling me how I should love god, family and friends because these are the things you are able to depend on when you have nothing.

She taught me how to not fall for someone so easy i took notes and went over them so they would be stuck in my head like never before.

After I had to be in the rehab for so long I learned so much about love and it meant a lot to me.

(c) Ariel Hughes


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